Song Let Not The Wise His Wisdom Boast
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Let Not The Wise His Wisdom Boast
Scripture Reference(s)
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Let Not The Wise His Wisdom Boast,
The Mighty Glory In His Might,
The Rich In Flattering Riches Trust,
Which Take Their Everlasting Flight.
The Rush Of Numerous Years Bears Down
The Most Gigantic Strength Of Man;
And Where Is All His Wisdom Gone,
When Dust He Turns To Dust Again?

One Only Gift Can Justify
The Boasting Soul That Knows His God;
When Jesus Doth His Blood Apply,
I Glory In His Sprinkled Blood.
The Lord My Righteousness I Praise;
I Triumph In The Love Divine,
The Wisdom, Wealth, And Strength Of Grace,
In Christ To Endless Ages Mine.

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