Song Jesus, My Master And My Lord
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Jesus, My Master And My Lord
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Jesus, My Master And My Lord,
I Would Thy Will Obey,
Humbly Receive Thy Warning Word,
And Always Watch And Pray.
My Constant Need Of Watchful Prayer
I Daily See And Feel,
To Keep Me Safe From Every Snare
Of Sin, And Earth, And Hell.

Into A World Of Ruffians Sent,
I Walk On Hostile Ground,
Wild Human Bears On Slaughter Bent,
And Ravening Wolves, Surround:
The Lion Seeks My Soul To Slay
In Some Unguarded Hour,
And Waits To Tear His Sleeping Prey,
And Watches To Devour.

But Worse Than All My Foes I Find
The Enemy Within,
The Evil Heart, The Carnal Mind,
My Own Insidious Sin:
My Nature Every Moment Waits
To Render Me Secure,
And All My Paths With Ease Besets,
To Make My Ruin Sure.

But Thou Hast Given A Loud Alarm;
And Thou Shalt Still Prepare
My Soul For All Assaults, And Arm
With Never-Ceasing Prayer;
O Do Not Suffer Me To Sleep,
Who On Thy Love Depend;
But Still Thy Faithful Servant Keep,
And Save Me To The End!

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