Song Jesu, The Life, The Truth, The Way
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Jesu, The Life, The Truth, The Way
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Jesu, The Life, The Truth, The Way,
In Whom I Now Believe,
As Taught By Thee, In Faith I Pray,
Expecting To Receive.

Thy Will By Me On Earth Be Done,
As By The Choirs Above,
Who Always See Thee On Thy Throne,
And Glory In Thy Love.

I Ask In Confidence The Grace,
That I May Do Thy Will,
As Angels, Who Behold Thy Face,
And All Thy Words Fulfil.

Surely I Shall, The Sinner I
Shall Serve Thee Without Fear;
My Heart No Longer Gives The Lie
To My Deceitful Prayer.

When Thou The Work Of Faith Hast Wrought,
I Shall Be Pure Within,
Nor Sin In Deed, Or Word, Or Thought;
For Angels Never Sin.

From Thee No More Shall I Depart,
No More Unfaithful Prove,
But Love Thee With A Constant Heart;
For Angels Always Love.

I All Thy Holy Will Shall Prove:
I, A Weak, Sinful Worm,
When Thee With All My Heart I Love,
Shall All Thy Law Perform.

The Graces Of My Second Birth
To Me Shall All Be Given;
And I Shall Do Thy Will On Earth,
As Angels Do In Heaven.

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