Song I Will Hearken What The Lord
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags I Will Hearken What The Lord
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I Will Hearken What The Lord
Will Say Concerning Me:
Hast Thou Not A Gracious Word
For One Who Waits On Thee?
Speak It To My Soul, That I
May In Thee Have Peace And Power,
Never From My Saviour Fly,
And Never Grieve Thee More.

How Have I Thy Spirit Grieved
Since First With Me He Strove,
Obstinately Disbelieved,
And Trampled On Thy Love!
I Have Sinned Against The Light;
I Have Broke From Thy Embrace;
No, I Would Not, When I Might,
Be Freely Saved By Grace.

After All That I Have Done
To Drive Thee From My Heart,
Still Thou Wilt Not Leave Thine Own,
Thou Wilt Not Yet Depart;
Wilt Not Give The Sinner O Er;
Ready Art Thou Now To Save,
Bidd’st Me Come, As Heretofore,
That I Thy Life May Have.

O Thou Meek And Gentle Lamb!
Fury Is Not In Thee;
Thou Continuest Still The Same,
And Still Thy Grace Is Free;
Still Thine Arms Are Open Wide,
Wretched Sinners To Receive;
Thou Hast Once For Sinners Died,
That All May Turn And Live.

Lo! I Take Thee At Thy Word,
My Foolishness I Mourn;
Unto Thee, My Bleeding Lord,
However Late, I Turn:
Yes, I Yield, I Yield At Last,
Listen To Thy Speaking Blood
Me, With All My Sins, I Cast
On My Atoning God!

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