Song How Shall I Walk My God To Please
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags How Shall I Walk My God To Please
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How Shall I Walk My God To Please,
And Spread Content And Happiness
O’er All Beneath My Care?
A Pattern To My Household Give,
And As A Guardian Angel Live,
As Jesu’s Messenger?

The Opposite Extremes I See,
Remissness And Severity,
And Know Not How To Shun
The Precipice On Either Hand,
While In The Narrow Path I Stand,
And Dread To Venture On.

Shall I, Through Indolence Supine,
Neglect, Betray, My Charge Divine,
My Delegated Power?
The Souls I From My Lord Receive,
Of Each I An Account Must Give,
At That Tremendous Hour!

Lord Over All, And God Most High!
Jesus, To Thee For Help I Fly,
For Constant Power And Grace;
That, Taught By Thy Good Spirit And Led,
I May With Confidence Proceed,
And All Thy Footsteps Trace.

O Teach Me My First Lesson Now!
And, While To Thy Sweet Yoke I Bow,
Thy Easy Service Prove,
Lowly And Meek In Heart, I See
The Art Of Governing Like Thee
Is Governing By Love.

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