Song How Shall A Lost Sinner In Pain
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags How Shall A Lost Sinner In Pain
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How Shall A Lost Sinner In Pain
Recover His Forfeited Peace?
When Brought Into Bondage Again,
What Hope Of A Second Release?
Will Mercy Itself Be So Kind
To Spare Such A Rebel As Me?
And O! Can I Possibly Find
Such Plenteous Redemption In Thee?

O Jesus! Of Thee I Inquire,
If Still Thou Art Able To Save?
The Brand To Pluck Out Of The Fire,
And Ransom My Soul From The Grave?
The Help Of Thy Spirit Restore,
And Show Me The Life-Giving Blood,
And Pardon A Sinner Once More,
And Bring Me Again Unto God.

O Jesus! In Pity Draw Near,
Come Quickly To Help A Lost Soul;
To Comfort A Mourner Appear,
And Make A Poor Lazarus Whole!
The Balm Of Thy Mercy Apply,
(Thou Seest The Sore Anguish I Feel)
Save, Lord, Or I Perish, I Die,
O Save, Or I Sink Into Hell!

I Sink, If Thou Longer Delay
Thy Pardoning Mercy To Show;
Come Quickly, And Kindly Display
The Power Of Thy Passion Below!
By All Thou Hast Done For My Sake,
One Drop Of Thy Blood I Implore,
Now, Now Let It Touch Me, And Make
The Sinner A Sinner No More!

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