Song How Are The Gentiles All On Fire
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags How Are The Gentiles All On Fire
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How Are The Gentiles All On Fire!
Why Rage They With Vain Menacing?
‘Gainst God, And His Anointed King”
Earth’s Haughty Potentates Conspire;
Break We (Say They) Their Servile Bands,
And Cast Their Cords From Our Free Hands.

But God From His Celestial Throne
Shall Laugh, And Their Attempts Deride;
Then High Incensed Thus Check Their Pride,
(His Wrath In Their Confusion Shown)
Lo! I My King Have Crowned, And Will
Enthrone, On Zion’s Sacred Hill.

That Great Decree I Shall Declare;
For Thus I Heard Jehovah Say,
“Thou Art My Son, Begot This Day;
Request, And I Will Grant Thy Prayer,
Subject All Nations To Thy Throne,
And Make The Sea-Bound Earth Thine Own.

“Thou Shalt An Iron Sceptre Sway,
As Earthen Vessels, Break Their Bones;”
Be Wise Then, Ye Who Sit On Thrones,
And Judges Grave, Advice Obey;
With Joyful Fear O Serve The Lord!
With Trembling Joy Embrace His Word.

In Reverent Homage Kiss The Son,
Lest He His Wrathful Looks Display,
And So Ye Perish In The Way,
His Anger Newly But Begun;
Then Blessed Only Are The Just,
Who On The Anointed Fix Their Trust.

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