Song Hail! Father, Son, And Holy Ghost
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Hail! Father, Son, And Holy Ghost
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Hail! Father, Son, And Holy Ghost,
One God, In Persons Three!
Of Thee We Make Our Joyful Boast,
Our Songs We Make Of Thee.

Thou Neither Canst Be Felt Nor Seen;
Thou Art A Spirit Pure;
Thou From Eternity Hast Been,
And Always Shalt Endure.

Present Alike In Every Place,
Thy Godhead We Adore;
Beyond The Bounds Of Time And Space,
Thou Dwell’st For Evermore.

In Wisdom Infinite Thou Art,
Thine Eye Doth All Things See;
And Every Thought Of Every Heart
Is Fully Known To Thee.

Whate’er Thou Wilt, In Earth Below
Thou Dost, In Heaven Above:
But Chiefly We Rejoice To Know
The Almighty God Of Love.

Thou Lov’st Whate’er Thy Hands Have Made,
Thy Goodness We Rehearse,
In Shining Characters Displayed
Throughout Our Universe.

Mercy, With Love And Endless Grace,
O’er All Thy Works Doth Reign;
But Mostly Thou Delight’st To Bless
Thy Favourite Creature, Man.

Wherefore, Let Every Creature Give
To Thee The Praise Designed,
But, Chiefly, Lord, The Thanks Receive,
The Hearts Of All Mankind.

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