Song Gospel Railroad All Aboard
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
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Tags Gospel Railroad All Aboard
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Heard You Not That Railroad Whistle?
Lo, The Gospel Train Is Here.
Get Aboard, Ye Earth-Worn Pilgrims,
She Is Safe, There’s Naught To Fear.
She Is Built Of God’s Own Timbers,
Coaches Ample And Complete;
Rails Are Laid In Faith And Patience,
And Each Tie A Promise Sweet.

All Aboard The Gospel Railroad.
All Aboard, Ere This Too Late;
We Are Bound For Heaven’s Depot,
Where The Angel Porters Wait.

Storm-Tossed Sinner Over Life’s Billow,
Come On Board This Train Today;
There Are Stations Rich In Blessing
Scattered All Along The Way.
Get Your Ticket, God’s Forgiveness;
Jesus Paid The Fare, You Know,
And His Telegrams Of Mercy
Up And Down This Railroad Go.

We’re Equipped In Gospel Armor
For The Conflicts By The Way,
And Our Food Is Heavenly Manna
God Dispenses Day By Day.
Oh The Richness Of His Mercy;
How It Satisfies And Saves!
While The Banner Of Salvation
Over Our Railroad Proudly Waves.

We’ve A Brave And True Conductor,
And The Bible Is Our Guide;
And The Holy Ghost Supplies Us
With Our “Moving Power” Beside.
All The Brakemen Are God’s Servants,
Standing Firm At Duty’s Post,
Carrying Trainloads Into Canaan—
Lo, A Great Unnumbered Host.

See The Gospel Headlight Streaming
Far Adown Our Foremost Track,
To Disclose The Open Switches
Satan Leaves To Hurl Us Back.
He May Plan Wrecks And Disasters,
To Derail Or Ditch Our Train,
But We’ll Make The Run Successful;
All His Efforts Prove In Vain.

Lo, Our Engineer Keeps Sighting
Down The Track With Eagle Eye,
If Perchance Some Threatening Danger
Half Concealed May Near Us Lie.
Down The Tracks Are Dark Obstructions,
Trials, Troubles, Pain And Care;
Hark! He Signals “Danger!” “Danger!”
Down With Brakes! “Beware!” “Beware!”

We Are Sweeping On To Glory,
Over Each Culvert, Round Each Curve;
Up The Grade Of Consecration,
Where Our Train Must Never Swerve.
We Are Speeding Over The Bridges,
Where A Break Means Certain Death;
Over The Mountains, Through The Tunnels,
Where We Ride With Bated Breath.

Soon We’ll Reach The Heavenly Depot;
Lo, Its Spires Arise In Sight
As We Slow Up At The Station,
At Our Journey’s End Alight.
Oh, The Shouts Of Angels Greet Us!
Kindred Long Gone On Before;
And The Super Intendent Hails Us,
“Welcome, Welcome! Evermore!”

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