Song God Of My Life, What Just Return
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags God Of My Life, What Just Return
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God Of My Life, What Just Return
Can Sinful Dust And Ashes Give?
I Only Live My Sin To Mourn;
To Love My God I Only Live.

To Thee, Benign And Saving Power,
I Consecrate My Lengthened Days;
While, Marked With Blessings, Every Hour
Shall Speak Thy Co-Extended Praise.

Be All My Added Life Employed
Thine Image In My Soul To See;
Fill With Thyself The Mighty Void,
Enlarge My Heart To Compass Thee.

O Give Me, Saviour, Give Me More!
Thy Mercies To My Soul Reveal;
Alas! I See Their Endless Store,
But O, I Cannot, Cannot Feel!

The Blessing Of Thy Love Bestow,
For This My Cries Shall Never Fail;
Wrestling, I Will Not Let Thee Go,
I Will Not, Till My Suit Prevail.

I’ll Weary Thee With My Complaint,
Here At Thy Feet For Ever Lie,
With Longing Sick, With Groaning Faint;
O Give Me Love Or Else I Die!

Come Then, My Hope, My Life, My Lord,
And Fix In Me Thy Lasting Home,
Be Mindful Of Thy Gracious Word,
Thou With Thy Promised Father Come!

Prepare, And Then Possess My Heart,
O Take Me, Seize Me, From Above!
Thee May I Love, For God Thou Art!
Thee May I Feel, For God Is Love!

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