Go To Dark Gethsemane, Ye That Feel The Tempter’s Power;
Your Redeemer’s Conflict See, Watch With Him One Bitter Hour,
Turn Not From His Griefs Away; Learn Of Jesus Christ To Pray.

See Him At The Judgment Hall, Beaten, Bound, Reviled, Arraigned;
O The Wormwood And The Gall! O The Pangs His Soul Sustained!
Shun Not Suffering, Shame, Or Loss; Learn Of Christ To Bear The Cross.

Calvary’s Mournful Mountain Climb; There, Adoring At His Feet,
Mark That Miracle Of Time, God’s Own Sacrifice Complete.
“It Is Finished!” Hear Him Cry; Learn Of Jesus Christ To Die.

Early Hasten To The Tomb Where They Laid His Breathless Clay;
All Is Solitude And Gloom. Who Has Taken Him Away?
Christ Is Risen! He Meets Our Eyes; Savior, Teach Us So To Rise.

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