Song Expand Thy Wings, Celestial Dove
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Expand Thy Wings, Celestial Dove
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Expand Thy Wings, Celestial Dove,
And, Brooding O’er My Nature’s Night,
Call Forth The Ray Of Heavenly Love;
Let There In My Dark Soul Be Light;
And Fill The Illustrated Abyss
With Glorious Beams Of Endless Bliss.

Let There Be Light, Again Command,
And Light There In Our Hearts Shall Be,
We Then Through Faith Shall Understand
Thy Great Mysterious Majesty;
And, By The Shining Of Thy Grace,
Behold In Christ Thy Glorious Face.

Father Of Everlasting Grace,
Be Mindful Of Thy Changeless Word;
We Worship Toward That Holy Place
In Which Thou Dost Thy Name Record,
Dost Make Thy Gracious Nature Known,
That Living Temple Of Thy Son.

Thou Dost With Sweet Complacence See
The Temple Filled With Light Divine;
And Art Thou Not Well Pleased With Me,
Who, Turning To That Heavenly Shrine,
Through Jesus To Thy Throne Apply,
Through Jesus For Acceptance Cry ‘

With All Who For Redemption Groan,
Father, In Jesu’s Name I Pray,
And Still We Cry And Wrestle On,
Till Mercy Take Our Sins Away:
Hear From Thy Dwelling-Place In Heaven,
And Now Pronounce Our Sins Forgiven.

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