Song Come, Wisdom, Power, And Grace Divine
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Come, Wisdom, Power, And Grace Divine
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Come, Wisdom, Power, And Grace Divine,
Come, Jesus, In Thy Name To Join
A Happy Chosen Band;
Who Fain Would Prove Thine Utmost Will,
And All Thy Righteous Laws Fulfil,
In Love’s Benign Command.

If Pure Essential Love Thou Art,
Thy Nature Into Every Heart,
Thy Loving Self, Inspire;
Bid All Our Simple Souls Be One,
United In A Bond Unknown,
Baptized With Heavenly Fire.

Still May We To Our Centre Tend,
To Spread Thy Praise Our Common End,
To Help Each Other On;
Companions Through The Wilderness,
To Share A Moment’s Pain, And Seize
An Everlasting Crown.

Jesus, Our Tendered Souls Prepare!
Infuse The Softest Social Care,
The Warmest Charity,
The Pity Of The Bleeding Lamb,
The Virtues Of Thy Wondrous Name,
The Heart That Was In Thee.

Supply What Every Member Wants;
To Found The Fellowship Of Saints,
Thy Spirit, Lord, Supply;
So Shall We All Thy Love Receive,
Together To Thy Glory Live,
And To Thy Glory Die.

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