Song Baby Its Cold Outside
Album Best Christmas Songs
Genre Christian Music
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I Really Can’t Stay – Baby It’s Cold Outside
I’ve Got To Go Away – Baby It’s Cold Outside
This Evening Has Been – Been Hoping That You’d Drop In
So Very Nice – I’ll Hold Your Hands, They’re Just Like Ice
My Mother Will Start To Worry – Beautiful, What’s Your Hurry
My Father Will Be Pacing The Floor – Listen To The Fireplace Roar
So Really I’d Better Scurry – Beautiful, Please Don’t Hurry
Well Maybe Just A Half A Drink More – Put Some Records On While I Pour

The Neighbours Might Think – Baby, It’s Bad Out There
Say, What’s In This Drink – No Cabs To Be Had Out There
I Wish I Knew How – Your Eyes Are Like Starlight Now
To Break This Spell – I’ll Take Your Hat, Your Hair Looks Swell
I Ought To Say No, No, No, Sir – Mind If I Move A Little Closer
At Least I’m Gonna Say That I Tried – What’s The Sense In Hurting My Pride
I Really Can’t Stay – Baby Don’t Hold Out
Ahh, But It’s Cold Outside

C’mon Baby

I Simply Must Go – Baby, It’s Cold Outside
The Answer Is No – Ooh Baby, It’s Cold Outside
This Welcome Has Been – I’m Lucky That You Dropped In
So Nice And Warm — Look Out The Window At That Storm
My Sister Will Be Suspicious – Man, Your Lips Look So Delicious
My Brother Will Be There At The Door – Waves Upon A Tropical Shore
My Maiden Aunt’s Mind Is Vicious – Gosh Your Lips Look Delicious
Well Maybe Just A Cigarette More – Never Such A Blizzard Before

I’ve Got To Get Home – Oh, Baby, You’ll Freeze Out There
Say, Lend Me Your Comb – It’s Up To Your Knees Out There
You’ve Really Been Grand – Your Eyes Are Like Starlight Now
But Don’t You See – How Can You Do This Thing To Me
There’s Bound To Be Talk Tomorrow – Making My Life Long Sorrow
At Least There Will Be Plenty Implied – If You Caught Pneumonia And Died
I Really Can’t Stay – Get Over That Old Out
Ahh, But It’s Cold Outside

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Baby It’s Cold…
It’s Cold Out There
Can’t You Stay Awhile Longer Baby
Well… I Really Shouldn’t… Alright

Make It Worth Your While Baby
Ahh, Do That Again…

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