Song Another Day Of Indecision
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Another Day Of Indecision
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Another Day Of Indecision – There’s A Battle In My Head
It’s Not A Matter Of Submission – I Will Go Where I Am Led
But My Mind Keeps Changing Every Day
I Need Your Peace To Point The Way

And Now I Am At Another Crossroad
And I Don’t Know Which Way To Go
My Steps Are Ordered And I Know I Will Find The Way
When Your Word Lights The Path And I Obey
When Your Word Lights The Path And I Obey

Sometimes I Feel A Hesitation – Is It Me Or Is It You
I Only Need Some Kind Of Clue – I Just Need An Indication
It’s Not Hard To Miss A Turn Along The Way
I Know I Have Missed Some In My Day

I Don’t Want To Be Wrong
I Want To Do What S Right
I Know That You Can Lead Me Through The Maze
When I Acknowledge You In All My Ways

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