Song And Am I Born To Die
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags And Am I Born To Die
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And Am I Born To Die?
To Lay This Body Down?
And Must My Trembling Spirit Fly
Into A World Unknown –
A Land Of Deepest Shade,
Unpierced By Human Thought,
The Dreary Regions Of The Dead,
Where All Things Are Forgot?

Soon As From Earth I Go,
What Will Become Of Me?
Eternal Happiness Or Woe
Must Then My Portion Be;
Waked By The Trumpet’s Sound,
I From My Grave Shall Rise,
And See The Judge With Glory Crowned,
And See The Flaming Skies.

How Shall I Leave My Tomb?
With Triumph Or Regret?
A Fearful Or A Joyful Doom,
A Curse Or Blessing Meet?
Will Angel-Bands Convey
Their Brother To The Bar?
Or Devils Drag My Soul Away,
To Meet Its Sentence There?

Who Can Resolve The Doubt
That Tears My Anxious Breast?
Shall I Be With The Damned Cast Out,
Or Numbered With The Blest?
I Must From God Be Driven,
Or With My Saviour Dwell;
Must Come At His Command To Heaven,
Or Else – Depart To Hell.

O Thou That Wouldst Not Have
One Wretched Sinner Die,
Who Died’st Thyself; My Soul To Save
From Endless Misery!
Show Me The Way To Shun
Thy Dreadful Wrath Severe,
That When Thou Comest On Thy Throne
I May With Joy Appear.

Thou Art Thyself The Way;
Thyself In Me Reveal;
So Shall I Spend My Life’s Short Day
Obedient To Thy Will;
So Shall I Love My God,
Because He First Loved Me,
And Praise Thee In Thy Bright Abode,
To All Eternity.

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