Song Alone On The Sidelines
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Alone On The Sidelines
Scripture Reference(s)
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Alone On The Sidelines Without Any Guidelines
You Have Been Running To Fast With No Place To Go
You Have Got No Direction You Gotta Set Your Affection
On The Things That Can Bring You Right Back In The Flow

You Got To Run For The Prize
Don’t Look Over Your Shoulder
Gotta Keep Your Eyes
On The Straight And Narrow
Gotta Run For The Prize
There’s No Time To Be Wandering
Gotta Make Your Way
Just As Straight As An Arrow

You May Be Weary But You Gotta Be Leary
When Somebody Says That You Will Never Finish The Race
They Can Discourage But Don’t Lose Your Courage
You Gotta Narrow The Margin And Keep Up The Pace

Gotta Lay Aside Every Weight And Run The Race That’s Before Us
If We Grow Weary And Faint The Father He Will Restore Us

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