Phil Lawson Johnston


Artist Birtday : 20/02/2020 (Age 0)
Born In : London
Occupation(s) : Christian song writer, Guitarist and Vocalist

Phil Lawson Johnston is one of the most sensitive worship composers in Britain. From 1971 he has worked as a self-taught professional glass-engraver; from 1972, when he experienced a filling of God’s Spirit ‘which launched me into writing songs for Jesus’, he led the worship-group ‘Cloud’, with a leading part at Holy Trinity Ch Brompton.

From 1988 to 2002 he was a p/t leader at St Aldate’s Oxford, then transferring to St Andrew’s; periodically he speaks and leads worship for other groups and conferences in UK and USA. He has recorded 7 albums with Cloud and 4 solo ones to date, and an ‘accessible’ series of hymns and songs, Worship in the Room, for small groups with no other music.